crystal j


Red Water is a memorial in motion, to inherited traumas of bodies of water.

Choreographed and Performed by Crystal Jiko Sasaki
at Pure AQUWA, Werk LA, curated by PAAJ, 2015

manipulations of bodies of water, prioritization of abundance and violations of the feminine. tourism, industry, currency, water. lack of resources, desperation, decision. selling daughters for money for resources for family, survival. survival? mother gang raped bringing water to the desert. lush. trashed. wet t-shirt contests. they were chained in barrels. real women smoking suicide. floods, tsunamis, fresh mountain spring water tap into replenishment. wars of access. bodies for water for bodies. violating body of water. red of blood, of menstruation , doorway, diluted in water. water to wash water to drink the body. the mouth as vessel. the eyes as hungry. craving water. - CJ
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