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Shangri-La Sisters, on Love, is a collaborative work of sound, spoken word and movement created and performed by Crystal Jiko Sasaki and Salty Xi Jie Ng..

The Shangri-La Sisters are Crystal and Salty. Neighbors and dear friends who discuss love in the janky compound they call home in North Portland, which used to be Shangri-La Motel.

This performance is a work in progress, a collage of unraveling memories and media that echo in their minds. This iteration explores love's spark, the complexity of pleasure, karmic bonds, and the impulse for romance. Hearts carry so much, and our hearts are travelers. it’s been uncanny to unpack and we are finding things at the bottom of our bags that we had forgotten we had... We invite you to drift through your own memories of love with us.

Performed on November 17, 2021 at the Kex Hotel, Portland, Oregon for Creative Music Guild Outset Series, curated by Maxx Katz also featuring, Luke Wyland, Ixnay and Long Drive Theater

Photos taken by Erika Dedini
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